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Ceramic Vase - Decorative - Home Decor - Home Accent - Abstract - Modern Chic Home - Home Accessory

Ceramic Vase - Decorative - Home Decor - Home Accent - Abstract - Modern Chic Home - Home Accessory

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Introducing our stunning tall cylindrical ceramic vase, a distinguished member of the Splat Collection, measuring an elegant 6x6x11 inches. This remarkable vase is adorned with marine blue splatters that pay homage to the iconic Jackson Pollock, capturing the dynamic and expressive essence of his work.

Meticulously crafted with an eye for detail, this vase seamlessly marries modern luxury with artistic finesse, making it an ideal choice for holiday gifting or enhancing your home decor. Its sleek and slender profile, combined with the marine blue splatters, adds a touch of creativity and dynamism to any space.

Whether you're seeking a thoughtful holiday gift or a modern luxury piece to elevate your decor, this ceramic vase stands as an exceptional choice. It embodies the spirit of Jackson Pollock's artistry and brings a unique and stylish flair to your living space. Make a statement that reflects your appreciation for art and design with this inspired work of art from the Splat Collection.

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Size: 6"x6"x11" Material: Ceramic Color: White Wash with Marine Blue Splattering    



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