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14oz Fancy Candle-Earthy Scent-Spicy Scents-Cozy-Hostess Gift-Glass Container

14oz Fancy Candle-Earthy Scent-Spicy Scents-Cozy-Hostess Gift-Glass Container

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Introducing our 14 oz Fancy Candle in a glass container with a delightful Laurel & Mate Tea scent, elegantly encased in a sunny yellow glass with a charming cork lid.

Illuminate your living space with the warm and inviting glow of our Laurel & Mate Tea-scented candle. The refreshing aroma of laurel leaves combined with the soothing essence of mate tea creates a captivating ambiance that transforms any room into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Enhance your home's ambiance with the Laurel & Mate Tea-scented 10 oz Fancy Candle in its radiant yellow glass container. Elevate your space and make every moment special with the captivating scent and elegant design of this exquisite candle.


14 oz Candle
Scent: Laurel & Mate Tea

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Trim Your Wick to 1/4" Before Candle is Lit Each Time
Burn Candle so Wax Pool Reaches the Jar Edge Each Time to Prevent Wax Tunneling
Burn Candle No More Than 4 Hours at a Time
Do Not Burn Candle with Less Than a 1/2" of Wax Remaining
Keep Candle Away from Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets
Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended


At Aria Home, we bridge the gap between allure and accesabiltiy by offering a unique, modern, European design yet, affordable.


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